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About Yours Truly

As some (or most) of you know, I am a girl of many interests. When I say "many", I mean it! And since I've never really properly introduced myself, I will now. All righty, get ready now... *takes deep breath*

Hai thar! I'm MaidenStar! (Does stating the obvious help you?) I'm a proud Christian high-school homeschooler. This is actually my first time seriously getting into all this dirty blogging business, but so far, I'm lovin' it! (*ahem* Copyright McDonalds?) Oh, and I also make blogs just for fun. Don't ask me why, it's just another one of those queer fancies I have. Among those are Blog For Joy, in which I am a contributor. All the other sites I've made are in the side bar, under "Sister Sites". Be sure to check them out!

I always like to say that after God and my family, horses were my first love. I seriously had a full-fledged equine obsession for a couple years. As a result, I borrowed all the horse-related books I could find. Novels, information books, encycopedias, you name it! I've read them all--all of them in my library and the libraries surrounding it. No brag, just fact. Fortunately for you, dear reader, I'm not so much as a horse freak as I was, but that love had not dimmed in my stories. Just a heads-up for y'all. ;)

My many hobbies include--let's just sum it up in a few words, else you'd be asleep before you finish reading this paragraph--handcrafts, reading, writing, roleplaying, and singing all the Phantom of the Opera songs (complete and in order!) in the shower. Yes, I have to stress that shower part, because outside of that, my voice is not one you would mistaken for a bird. Well, a crow, perhaps, but not *that* bad. xD ALSO! I'm one for remembering all the weird facts, but I'll throw one in here anyways, because I can. Did you know that it's a fact that people sing better in the shower, because of all that steam? It actually loosens our vocal muscles, and that's why." Yerp.

[cont.] expand on that already-long list of hobbies, I've been caught up in the world of photomanipulations. Also, I'm currently trying (tryin'-oh-so-hard, people!) to make my own sound effect (almost techno) song/music/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. I also enjoy listening to operas. *cough cough* (You got a problem with that?) My other major "minor" hobbies (get ready!): Jonathan Park, Les Miz, Tamora Pierce, Studio Ghibli, archery, swimming, badminton, volleyball, alliteration, roleplaying, and, of course, WRITING LIKE A MANIAC! And please forgive me if I spam my messages with emotes--it's a habit. ^^

About roleplaying...message me if you love it as much as I do! Just how much? Hmm, enough to make three roleplay sites. That uch. Yup. One is a semi-realistic equine rp site, and the other two are still in the works. (Mythical animal roleplay or Phantom of the Opera fandom, anyone?)

Most of my writing works are either directly or indirectly of fantasy form, although I am not confined to just that genre. The first story I've ever completed was about Indians, back when I was twelve. (Ah, the good 'ol days!)

This year, I'm trying out a new form of writing: short stories. I seem to progress faster and smoother with short, sweet stories than one giant novel, especially in junior high. (No surprise there.) Hence, this year I'll be writing a bunch of short stories and putting them together into a collection. Oh, and I'm practicing doing that by blogging--yet another one of my many blogs! :D

So, if you haven't found out already, I can be an extremely positive person. (Wait, that sounds too much like a self-advertising boast, so scratch that. Nothing happened. *whistles innocently*)

Anything else you desire to question this gal, just leave it in the comments. *pushes microphone away* All right, I'm done here. Next!

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