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April 29, 2014

A Cup of Tea, Sir/Ma'am?

Have a cup of tea, sir/ma'am?

As that saying as my lame introduction, that's a little update on life...

Just kidding.

Will be posting more entries soon....I hope. ;)


April 5, 2014

Gothard Sisters & Irish Dancing

So, this morning, when I was just browsing around the web, I stumbled across the Gothard Sisters. [their YouTube channel] In a few words, they are AMAZING! Each one of them knows how to play 5+ instruments, not to mention being professional musicians, vocals, and Irish dancers! And best of all, they're Christians! ^^ It's amazing to see what family and siblings can do/accomplish, with a little hard work and lots of love! So nice to see this kind of bond in today's world. [their bios]

Here are just a few of their awesome music video that shows their musical and dancing talent!

[^ The "major" dancing starts at 1:58]

[^ Their music videos are so professionally compiled!]

They, in turn, led me to all sorts of Irish dance videos (no surprise there), such as this one below:

And yes, that was Queen Elizabeth II at the end! This one below might be clearer, if not more impressive:

And then again, there's this:

 [^ Look especially at 3:30]

Such talent and speed--hmm, makes me want to try it out myself... *dangerous grin*

[Brother: "Oh, no. Here she goes again..."]

Just a "quick" post, this,